Live music at Last!

Up to the start of the pandemic we rehearsed at Alchemy Live Music Bar, Runcorn, Cheshire, where Gary and his staff made us very welcome! So, it’s great to see that Gary is able to put live music back on stage!

“We are pleased to announce due to Alchemy – Live Music Bar, being classed as a Grassroots LMV that from 6pm Friday-Saturday we will be a ticketed only venue and can finally get back to what we do best….hosting Live Music”.

We wish Gary and his team all the best and hope that local audiences will support the venue and the bands that perform there!

Support Live Music folks!

Lockdowns & knockdowns

March 2020 will be burned into the collective memory of nearly all musicians as armageddon as far as live performance is concerned – and The Firebird Smith Blues Band is no exception to the general rule. However, even under these restricted circumstances work is still going on as far as the writing and recording of new material is concerned.

Everyone keep safe!